My name is Hertz Pierre-Louis and I create stuff.

So where do I begin? After over a decade of working in corporate America something happened. Driving to work I asked myself “ Why am I doing this?” And my answer to myself was ..“It’s a good job.” Then I walked in, said hello to everyone who didn’t want to be there, sat by my desk and asked myself again…”Why am I doing this?” I replied “It’s a good job and I make decent money.”

As the day went on it felt like I was sleep walking. My body was in auto pilot and I just kept asking myself “Why?”. Then I remember going to the bathroom and looking in the mirror. What I saw was a guy with an expensive suit on, shiny cufflinks an expensive watch and I had no idea who he was.

Somewhere along the line of making good money and having status I realized I lost myself in it all and I was determined to find myself. So I picked up a camera talked to it and never looked back. I taught myself the art of photography and filmmaking. I had fell in love with creating videos and connecting with many people who felt the same way I did. And how did I feel?.. Like I needed a change.


So I had some money saved up and decided to search for my purpose and while making YouTube videos and a lot of experimenting I found my passion. I spoke about things that I cared about such as being Vegan, being an entrepreneur, educating your mind and things began to flow.


I met some great like minded people and began creating content every chance I got. Started my own video production business and for the first time in a long time I was being challenged in a multitude of ways and was forced to sink or swim.

Superhero pose.jpg

I started the Built4anything podcast and it is quickly becoming one of the premiere podcasts in Dallas TX. I’ve met some amazing creative individuals so far and everyday since my decision I look in the mirror and I finally recognize who I am. I never want to look back and you shouldn’t want to either.